Investment Management


Creating long-term value

As part of Western Asset’s investment management team, you will share our focus in supporting our clients’ financial goals. Experts in managing fixed-income portfolios, we partner with a range of institutional investors, sourcing ideas and solutions worldwide to help meet their investment objectives. Our work includes evaluating national economies, assessing companies’ financial condition, and purchasing securities – always with a focus on combining a long-term fundamental value perspective with diversified strategies. Within this global team, we have broad knowledge of the fixed-income markets as well as concentrated expertise to maximize our clients’ strategies for all sectors and functional disciplines.


Investing in the future, together

Our investment strengths lie in our team-based approach: we consider risks and opportunities from diverse perspectives in order to deliver the most efficient and effective investment strategies. This is made easier by our flat structure, which encourages everyday collaboration between colleagues within and across departments. You’ll find we place a high value on open communication as a source of innovation and actively seek the fresh viewpoints people from different backgrounds and disciplines bring. Communication is also key to self-development: sharing knowledge and experience provides plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Everyone benefits from the way we bring outstanding people together.