At Western Asset, we are committed to the protection and privacy of data belonging to our clients, partners and employees. In order to safeguard the information assets entrusted to us, Western Asset has adopted an Information Security Program that is based on regulatory guidance and industry best practices, and is comprised of corporate governance, security controls and cybersecurity tools.

Western Asset utilizes a myriad of security measures to secure and protect our internet access points, computer systems and data from security threats. These measures include firewalls, anti-virus software, monitoring tools, data encryption, multi factor authentication, system surveillance, email security and website controls.

All Western Asset employees are provided with policies and procedures relating to data security, privacy, electronic communication and the safeguarding of client information. Employees are obligated to comply with these policies and procedures.

You also play an important role in maintaining your online security. Some key practices to follow are:

  • Create strong passwords and never share them with anyone. A Western Asset employee will never ask for your password and will not have access to that information.
  • Do not store your passwords or other sensitive information on your computer.
  • Be aware of suspicious emails that attempt to gather your personal information and stay vigilant when browsing the internet.
  • Log out of Western Asset Online when you are done using it.

If you feel your account or password has been compromised at any time, let us know immediately by contacting your Client Service Executive. Do not send us this information via e-mail.

If you have any questions about our online security practices, please contact your Client Service Executive.