Risk Management and Quantitative Solutions


Managing risk, driving improvement

Risk Management & Quantitative Solutions works across the business to understand our exposure to risk. Join us and you could be part of a team that analyzes data and creates models throughout the trading day that will impact and improve portfolio decisions in multiple offices in multiple countries. Or you might focus on business continuity – modeling different scenarios to help our operations continue in the event of a major incident such as a flood, fire, or security breach. Protecting our operation’s integrity requires deep collaboration and transparency to support our clients and prepare our teams for every scenario. By having this clear line of sight and communication, every day we can focus on improving our performance – and yours.


Integrity and innovation in all we do

Western Asset’s entrepreneurial approach to exploring new technologies, methodologies, and markets wouldn’t be possible without the expertise of Risk Management and business continuity. Your intellectual curiosity, innovative tools, and in-depth analysis will help us manage risk effectively and support the meticulous approach we take in managing our clients’ funds. It’s a task that requires continuous collaboration and a passion for constant improvement, both of which are supported by our flat, non-hierarchical structure and our use of agile methodologies. This also helps to encourage the expansion of knowledge and experience, allowing you to develop both technical and leadership skills. You’ll find we value achievement and foster success without sacrificing a good work-life balance.