Investment Operations


Putting investments into action

Investment Operations supports the Firm’s transactions and manages all the data that goes with them. We have specialist teams dedicated to supporting Investment Management, Risk Management, and Client Service, focusing on global securities operations, global account transitions, data management, portfolio and fund administration, performance measurement, and reconciliations management. We also manage external operational relationships with an extensive list of brokers and custodian banks. Whatever your role within Investment Operations, your priority will be our clients and partners, ensuring their business is carried out proficiently and accurately, and that any problems are solved quickly and efficiently. Your work is the engine of our operation.


Advancing people and systems

Processing a high volume of transactions every day takes teamwork, good communication, and attention to detail. Now, as enhanced data management and smart business automation start to shape the future of operations, we’re evolving. Across Investment Operations, we’re embracing new technologies and methodologies to improve performance, reliability, and security. To stay ahead of the competition, every one of us needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Bring us your client focus and creative thinking, and we’ll help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to thrive for the future. You’ll be part of a team that’s doing more than keeping pace with a changing world: we’re setting that pace.