Business Operations


Expert support in meeting client needs

Western Asset's Business Operations team provides crucial support in running our day-to-day business. Whether you’re a specialist in Finance or Human Resources, you’ll join a team with the ability to perform in a fast-paced environment that puts clients at its center. As a finance professional, you will support the company’s financial strength, regulatory compliance, and deployment of the Firm’s financial resources for growth. In HR, you will create a great employee experience, grow and manage the talent pool, and provide the human capital that the Firm needs to succeed. Everyone who joins our Business Operations team has the role of a trusted advisor, with potentially global impact. That’s because we support our leaders in making and implementing some of their most critical business decisions.


Looking after our most important assets

Business Operations covers a diverse range of disciplines, making it a fascinating place to build a career. The team is global in reach, which provides the opportunity to interact with many different people and share what we learn. At Western Asset, you’ll find there’s a constant exchange of ideas and expertise, making it easier to enhance or develop your skills. We also expect you to innovate and seek to improve business performance every day. We apply both best practice and new ideas to the management of valuable business resources.